Carco is here.

Life is an adventure
- take one with Carco.

What is Carco?

Carco is a user-friendly mobile app for quick interaction with your surroundings - no matter where you are. On land or at sea – connect with people around you.

Chat with users nearby while starting your new business. The Carco mobile marketplace allows you to buy and sell anything from a tire to a car, or a paddle to a boat, while giving you the opportunity to notify nearby users. It’s that simple. Carco is your companion on your journey. No matter where you’re going, stay informed about everything that’s going on around you. Literally EVERYTHING: anything from traffic information to hot deals.

Life is an adventure -
take one with Carco.


Why use Carco?

CARCO is made for those who are constantly in motion. For those, who wish to make the most of their time - regardless where their journey takes them. For those, who like meeting new people and trying new things. Your journey can be unpredictable - that’s why we have Carco. Carco is your companion on your journey. Carco turns unpredictable situations into positive new experiences.

Carco - connect with your surroundings

Carco gives you all the necessary tools to be both mobile and connected with your surroundings at the same time. Easily connect with the world and people near you.

Carco - chat with people around your.

Starting a conversation with someone nearby is easier than saying ‘Hi’. Built-in witty conversation starters will help you start a conversation or convey your thoughts and feelings in the fastest way possible.

Carco - get traffic information from users nearby.

Plan your next adventure with Carco. Carco gives you all the necessary information about what’s happening around you, weather information and traffic information - brought to you in real time by Carco users nearby.



Carco is made for those who travel a lot and want to make the most of their time. Let your Carco adventure begin with these core features:

Carco - mobile ads

mobile marketplace

Wherever you are, browse or place ads for any number of things. With Carco, visiting car lots is a thing of the past. Buy a bulb, phone-holder, tires, rims, accessories or even your dream car that literally just drove by.

Carco - save money

Save money with carpooling

Carpooling and package delivery is taking a social turn. Let everyone know they can travel with you or that you’re willing to pick up and deliver a package that someone forgot.

Carco - proximity chat

Proximity chat

You don’t need a phone number or e-mail address to contact the person you’d like to chat with. You only need to know how they’re travelling - by car, by bus, on a motorbike, by foot or even just by looking at what color sweater they’re wearing.

Carco - traffic info

Traffic information

Unexpected events can happen on your journey - everything from traffic jams, accidents, roadblocks or road construction. Send and receive relevant traffic information in real-time exclusively for your location.

Carco - help on the way

Help on the way

Traveling is unpredictable. When we’re away from home, we might find ourselves in need of help.Tow service, ambulace or taxi - Carco helps you call for help with one click.

Carco - location-based hot deals

Hot deals

Are you looking for a hot deal? Check out the best deals tailored to you. Do you have a business that you want to promote? Create a special offer for those nearby.

GET APPCarco - check out all these cool features.


Carco - your new favourite app is coming to Android and iOS! You will be able to enjoy life’s many adventures while travelling. Change the way you interact and communicate with people around you. Be the first to say ‘Hi’ to that cutie next to you.
Life is an adventure
- take one with Carco.
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Meet the team

Behind every successful project there is a team that brings an idea to life. Meet the team!
Carco team - Grigorii Veselkov

Grigorii Veselkov


Grigorii is businessman and a serial entrepreneur. He has more than 15 years of business experience in engineering and social projects consulting. He is an active sportsman and his life motto “Always be part of something big!” lead him to his partnership with Carco, where he is the CEO.
Carco team - Rok Areh

Rok Areh


More than 15 years of experience in development of IT and RFID technology. He has lots of expertise in managing IT projects, human resources, digital marketing and e-commerce. He founded the first RFID-EPC test lab for the purpose of testing EPC products for customers of GS1 Slovenia.
Carco team - Aljoša Ozimic

Aljoša Ozimic


Founder and CEO of REVOLVER ltd. He has more than 15 years of experience with custom application development for hospitals and SMEs. In his professional career he has worked in various R&D projects in the fields of business support, rural development, internal bank logistics, RFID for automotive industry, HACCP monitoring and custom IT solutions for business optimisation.


Carco advisors - Matjaž Aberšek

Matjaž Aberšek


Matjaž is a Court-certified Expert for Innovations, a President of Innovation Commission at Slovenian Chamber of Commerce - Regional Chamber Koroška. He has experience and knowledge in automotive business from his previous positions at Johnson Controls – Head of innovations, at Bosch Siemens - Director of Quality Management and has a deep understanding of Six Sigma and Lean Management from 6 sigma Academy, Brussels. He was one of the first five people in Slovenia entitled a “Black belt”.
Carco advisors - Svetlana Chelnokova

Svetlana Chelnokova


Svetlana has successfully mastered various challenges as an entrepreneurial leader in many industries. After completing her business-engineering studies at the famous Business School, she started her professional career in Russia. After 10 years on the customer side, she moved to the agency side as Managing Director and stayed there for 4 years. In addition, she was an executive board member in private company, where she was responsible for various tasks, as well as management board member. Furthermore, Svetlana is honourable member of ROTARY club, where she is also worldwide actively. Her words as advisor: "I am proud to be working for Vision One, and I look forward to working together with the committed Carco team to shape the future of the company and product."
Carco advisors - Janez Zaletel

Janez Zaletel


Janez has more than 25 years experience in development of IT/SW solutions, project and team management in companies and banks like Merkur, Sportina, SKB bank. For the last 8 years he has been working for GS1 Slovenia, a part of the international organization GS1, currently as a Technical manager. Janez was one of the team members who established the Slovenian Oracle User Group - SIOUG in 1995 and has been it's President for 22 years.
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