ABC Acceleration Program Month #1: January 14th-31st, 2019

Batch #8 of ABC Accelerator‘s acceleration program has kicked off! Carco team has joined 7 other startups in a 3 month long intense acceleration program. Our mission? To nail and scale our idea. The ABC Program is an award-winning acceleration program for startups and scaleups, who want to grow their business. Based in BTC Ljubljana (Slovenia), it offers teams all the […]

Carco progress report November 2018

Update #9: November 1st-30th, 2018

The beta version of Carco app is in its final development stages, which puts a lot of pressure on our development team. On one hand, we were fixing previously discovered bugs – especially those pertaining to app speed and stability, and on the other hand we were implementing the remaining modules. In the upcoming build, […]


Update #8: October 1st-31st, 2018

A new month, a new application build – this time under the Carco app version 1.0.380. Here’s what’s new. Previous extensive feature implementation has proven to be a challenge. In-bulk feature implementation is necessary, because all the implemented modules are closely connected among one another. To truly determine if a feature is functioning, it must […]


Update #6: August 16th-31st, 2018

Report August 1-15, 2018 We released the Alpha version of Carco app under the build number 1.0.124. The Alpha version was available both for Android and iOS. The version included a static navigations flow for the following screens and menus: loading/splash, login, forgot password, sign up, vehicle information, account verification, verify mobile number, tutorial, home, […]


Update #5: August 1st-15th, 2018

The Carco app is like a puzzle that is slowly coming together. We kicked off August with creating app content that will go nicely with our app design. Besides creating all the content for the English version, we also prepared a Slovenian app translation. And yes – Carco will be available in multiple languages. We […]