Carco is proud to announce CARCO token PRESALE on February 19th, 2018!


Token (CARCO) PRESALE START on February 19th, 2018!

Regarding to Carco preICO campaign where its official start will be on April 2nd, 2018, the investors have now opportunity to get 45%-70% discount for participating on Carco preICO campaign.

Carco is proud to officially announce the launch the preICO Carco token PRESALE on February 19th, 2018.

PRESALE additionally discount of 5% will be available only from February 19th until March 31st, 2018!

 Initial token PRESALE details:

Start date: February 19th, 2018, (00:00 CET)

End date: March 31st, 2018, (00:00 CET)

Officially Presale place:

Price: 1 ETH=12,500* CARCO tokens / 1 CARCO=0.00008* ETH (*prices are exclude discounts)

Discounts: from* 45% to 70% (*discounts varies from the volume of investment!)

We accept: ETH

Here is your additional 5% discount code:Carco53456784

(NOTE: Please input this code into the field “Presale Coupon code”!)

About PRESALE and preICO:

A maximum of 97,500,000 CARCO token will be released across both contribution periods (Presale and preICO)

and will be delivered  upon smart contract to the investors right after successful end of preICO campaign stage, on June 10th, 2018!

We kindly inviting the investors, who recognized our project as interesting, to  take Advantage of PRESALE 5% discount and join our Happy Investors Pool!

CARCO team

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