Update #1: June 1st-15th, 2018

Update #1 (June 1st-15th, 2018):

A new beginning

The Carco team has kicked of June in the best possible way - with a new office that has everything needed for successful and productive collaboration.

Up to June 15, we created a wireframe of the Carco mobile application, which shows the complete application flow in 47 individual frames - application screens. The screens include user flows of:

  • first sign up,
  • account verification,
  • User login,
  • Main menu,
  • Home screen (with vehicles/drivers near by),
  • Individual and group chat interface,
  • Newsfeed view (latest user posts),
  • Ad view (latest ads),
  • Post creation,
  • Ad creation,
  • Quick direct message with custom reactions, and
  • User profile.

The wireframes have been deployed to the development team and we are currently waiting for feedback from them. While waiting for their feedback, new ideas are constantly coming up that will be built upon existing functionalities in later versions of the application.

In terms of content, we started creating new project copy that will be user-oriented and highlight the core benefits of the Carco application. The focus is on vehicle-to-vehicle messaging and giving users the option to buy and sell cars on the go. In light of this, new project presentations are being created and we’re also working on new promotional material.

New copy demands a reimagining of our social presence - hence we are rapidly working on bringing social media profiles to life (starting with a new Facebook page) and becoming more active on Carco blog.

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