Update #2: June 16th-30th, 2018

Update #2:

Report June 16-30, 2018

The Carco team is finishing off June on a high note - with a successful event and good progress on app development.

As stated in the previous report, we have been waiting for feedback on our app wireframes. The feedback was very positive, but some minor adjustments needed to be made in order to ensure that Carco app rolls out as planned. Despite the minor changes in the user profile, and in the way the emergency function is being used, the submitted wireframes ensured that app development is currently ahead of schedule.

We are using this advantage for work on the app’s design. The initial design brief has been drafted and is currently being revised.

While putting together the app design brief, we used this new direction to start working on a new Carco homepage. We opted for more focused content that will be updated according to app development and updates.

The Carco blog is also making a return with curated content, but more importantly - the blog will serve as a medium for regularly recording the app’s development process with a dash of office life in order to stay in touch with our supporters.

Lastly, this month’s highlight was the June Carco Meetup. The meetup was held at the new Carco office. Following the office and incubator tour, the guests had the opportunity to hear a presentation on what has been done since the 1st Carco Conference in December. After the official part of the event, a casual discussion about the possibilities of further development took place over some food and drinks.

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