Update #3: July 1st-15th, 2018

Update #3:

Report July 1-15, 2018

Summer has begun, which means vacation time...but not for the Carco team. Since the previous report, much progress has been done on app development and app design.

We revised our wireframes and started designing individual application screens. We started off with the first few screens, since they will set the tone of the entire screen. We created the loading screen, and the screens for  entire registration process - everything from account creation to adding vehicle information.

While designing the first batch of screens, we also designed the core application screen - the home screen. The design needs to reflect all the functionalities Carco app has to offer, so we put quite some effort into making the home screen as pleasant and as functional as possible. While designing the screen, new ideas for functionalities arose.

The app launch is nearing, so maneuvering space for adding new functionalities is very limited. We held several brainstorming sessions with our development team in order to determine, what should be included in the version one of the Carco app, and what should be rolled out as an update. Since Carco is at its core a social app, we decided to add three social functionalities that affect how users share content, and how they meet new people (and add them as friends).

Additional functionalities create the need for new icons. We started working on in-app icon designs, because we want the Carco app to stand out of the crows also by the way it looks and how intuitive the app design is.

The new Carco homepage and Carco blog are coming along nicely and are in the finishing stages, but also pending translation. We also began writing the terms and conditions of using the Carco app.

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