Update #4: July 16th-31th, 2018


In the last two weeks of July we finished the designing phase of Carco app. Final app screen designs have been approved and sent to the development team, so they can implement them. Bundled with the final designs were also the in-app icons.

We finished the designs of roughly 50 icons, which will be used in-app, but can also be reused in other Carco web or print materials. The original set of icons is already getting new items that are going to be used in web materials in the coming months.

Although the design phase of Carco app is finished, some additional elements will be added in the testing phase. One of these elements is the tutorial screen. We created the tutorial content that will be presented to the user in four tutorial screens. The first screen will showcase the application home screen and its gesture functionalities, including the Carco Bump feature. The second and third screen show swiping navigation between three primary screens: Home screen, Ads screen, and Newsfeed screen, and additionally shows the user how to quickly place an ad. The fourth screen explains the Newsfeed functionality and gives the user an idea how the functionality can be used to earn money.

On the technical side, we dove deep into utilizing the users’ location in order to support core features. We aim to create an app that will efficiently manage device resources in order to provide the best user experience possible. Currently we are coming up with a solution on how to predict the users’ movement, without forcing the device to constantly give out its location.

The Emergency Button functionality is closely tied to predicting the users’ direction of travel. The users’ locations are the basic information on which the app determines which informations and emergency signals are relevant for which users and for how long.

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