Update #5: August 1st-15th, 2018


The Carco app is like a puzzle that is slowly coming together. We kicked off August with creating app content that will go nicely with our app design. Besides creating all the content for the English version, we also prepared a Slovenian app translation. And yes - Carco will be available in multiple languages. We are also looking into which language we should implement next.

As the project grows, new ways of communicating what Carco is must be employed. For this purpose we are working on a new presentation brochure, that will showcase both the current state of the Carco app as well as some future plans that will be interesting especially for businesses and the users that will be positively affected by them.

On one side we’re redesigning promotional brochures, and on the other side we finally finished the Carco webpage redesign which can be found at https://carco.io. The next step is to make sure that the blog on the page will be lively and full of current Carco news.

Pertaining to the app itself, we did a lot of research on which APIs are most suitable for our app. The decision was tough, but we opted for Google APIs in the hope that they will aid the development team and support all the envisaged app functionalities.

We are currently testing the Android alpha version of the Carco app. The alpha version is covering roughly 20 % of all functionalities. That being said, we are and patiently awaiting the next build.

And lastly - on the business side of things we started revamping our business model in order to ensure the apps success and further development.

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