Future 4.0 - the future is coming...and so is our beta!


Future 4.0 is a two-day tech conference organized by SAŠA incubator. The main goal of the conference is to directly connect Industrial Corporations with Startups at 1:1 meetings, while stirring their curiosity with curated 4.0 content in the form of talks, lectures, roundtables, and workshops. Future 4.0 took place in Velenje, 27th-28th November 2018.

Carco is a tech startup, and the moment we heard of F4.0 we were super excited and could now wait to attend both days. On day one, we attended 7 talks and two roundtables, which covered everything from how to get ready for the future, what opportunities do tech startups have in the VC world, and what successful businesses learned from their own fails.  

Two keynote speakers made a huge impact on us - Lisa Kuttner and Chuck Goldman. Takeaway messages that are really important for our app and its current development are:

It’s ok to fail as long as you learn something.

Voice control and voice interaction is the future.

We got the chance to showcase our app to a lot of interesting people, had two 1:1 corporation meetings, and a bunch of informal talks near the coffee break corner. This gave us some really important insight into how different segments of users see our app.

Future 4.0 was a special conference - the co-host was a robot, the venue was an exhibition hall (that turned into a warehouse and got back converted to a proper conference space), the conference content was very well chosen and packed with useful information (especially the investment-prototyping-growth hacking workshops). And the future party was out of this world, of course.

If Future 4.0 ever repeats itself, we advise you to attend. It gave us multiple ideas what to do next and how to go about it. The future is coming...and so is Carco BETA.

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