Update #8: October 1st-31st, 2018


A new month, a new application build - this time under the Carco app version 1.0.380. Here’s what’s new.

Previous extensive feature implementation has proven to be a challenge. In-bulk feature implementation is necessary, because all the implemented modules are closely connected among one another. To truly determine if a feature is functioning, it must be used in combination with another feature. Here we have learnt quite some new things, which led us to rethink some back-end features in order to maintain good user experience.

In the new build we implemented the ad module. Users will be able to buy or sell cars and car parts on the go. Users can place an ad in four easy steps: providing general information, optionally adding additional information, choosing pictures, and setting a price. We added a masonry grid for viewing ads and implemented the basic ad-notification module.

Outside of the app, we created a promotional Vision88/Carco company video of which we are very proud. Next on the list is an app presentation video, which is already in the works.

Lastly, we decided to hone in on some of our skills and enrolled in a growth hacking consultation program. The program is led by a marketing expert, and is really intense, but we have already seen some improvements in the way we create and distribute content, and interact with potential users and partners.

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