Update #7: September 1st-30th, 2018


Report September 1-30, 2018

We fixed some app issues with the previous build and released a pre-beta Android build under Carco Android App Version 1.0.245.

We’ve encountered some bugs with the previous build, so we took the time to vigorously test every feature and debug the build. After we’ve dealt with all the issues with the previous version, we focused on implementing the social module of the app.

The social module is comprised of messaging services, newsfeed functionalities, and social interactions among users and user reactions to content.

In this build we implemented the ability to ad new posts (text, video, image, location). These posts are then displayed on the newsfeed and in various user listings. The users have the ability to react to these posts with likes, comments, sub-comments, replies, and shares. Similarly as with other social networks, users have a standard way of editing their comments as well as a standard way of outbound sharing of in-app content.

Secondly, we expanded the messaging module with support for group chats and group activities. Users are able to create groups, add members to groups, edit groups preferences and group info, add posts to groups and react to content in groups. The idea behind Carco groups is to allow users to spend more time and interact with like-minded people that have similar interests.Thirdly, we made some minor tweaks in the login process. The sign up/sign in process is more fluid and users get a friendly welcome email with a quick overview of Carco features.

Lastly, we are planning vigorous testing in the following weeks due to the fact that we’ve implemented lots of new features that will need some polishing and fine-tuning in order to give the best possible user experience.

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